Woven styles outdoors

Emma, by Sven Dogs Design


A composite, resilient character that take on the challenges of outdoors spaces.

A refined weave gives life to the Emma family of chairs and armchairs, creating a visually pleasing and ergonomic form.
These seats are just right for architects and designers who are looking for a light and welcoming collection, particularly leaning towards Outdoors settings.

Emma is a project by Sven Dogs Design.
In this seating design, available with or without armrests, the hand-woven rope gives prominence to an essential and elegant line, guaranteeing both resistance and a unique comfort, ready for open-air spaces.
Emma’s weave incorporates all of Crassevig’s craftsmanship, which is increasingly tailored to contemporary lifestyles and entwined with multi-materiality.

Technical Specifications

Intertwine a refined design weave with Emma!

Step Outdoors wit Emma Family!

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