Time to live beyond

Outdoor Collection 2021


Carpe diem, the pleasure of seizing the right moment for everything.

A dance of hours and forms that engages with the very sense of space and time, breaking through walls and perceptions.
Crassevig crosses a threshold that until now was clearly defined, walking past the door that leads to the outside world.


Among bucolic fields and daily rhythms, the Outdoor seating collection takes a deep breath and gets some fresh air, releasing infinite paths and pastoral inspirations, in an imaginative encounter between the desire to live and to escape.

From the first light of the day, all the way through morning, afternoon and evening, Outdoor 2021 is a hourly journey for your design soul, rather than just a Collection or a Catalogue.
Take your Time Ourdoors and keep up with Crassevig’s pace, this Summer.


#TimeOutdoors – Through the day and beyond

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