Take Action and Innovate

Crassevig News 2020’s preview


The first step towards renewal and innovation is taking action.
Crassevig News 2020 moves forward with the Company’s design projects, boosting a fresh inspiration.
Here you can have a sneak peek of six designs, six actions that we are going to explore in depth during the following weeks.

Pola Lounge: Relax 

Pola Family welcomes a wide, even more enjoyable design. Pola Lounge embodies a way of life, a sense of relaxation and beauty, meeting halfway through in spontaneous forms.

Mixis upholstered: Transform


Just beyond the average chair. Mixis by Mario Ferrarini steps up to contemporary design challenges, transforming into an upholstered design, with the comfort of injected polyurethane-foam shells.

Aura, new colours: Express


Painting the classics anew, with fresh shades. Aura chair experiences the warmth of a new colour, expressing all of its potential in this new decade.

Pola Low: Be Smart


A matter of versatility: Crassevig’s Pola has so much to tell. Its new Low stool version addresses flexible spaces, a smart design opon, either in propylene or PCR plastic,

Pola Outdoors: Breathe


New seasons and open-air desire: time to get outdoors! Pola family’s expansion steps outside, breathing the seasonal wind and resisting to any weather.

Elba, new base: Imagine


Imagination comes at last, but not least. Elba by Debiasi-Sandri takes upon a new base, projecting towards the future with creativity and dynamism.

Which one will you choose?

#TakeAction with Crassevig