“Four legs, high resilient steel frame AISI 420, tube DIA30mm, thickness 2mm.
CS Satin chrome plated.
Tops in 20mm particle-board
Solid wood edges
Surface in wood, flat sliced veneers.
Polycarbonate adjustable feet.
Manufactured in Italy.”


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Rodolfo Dordoni

Architect and designer, he was born in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture. He designs for various companies and founded […]

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Worktop family

Design — Rodolfo Dordoni 1992 Satin chromed steel frame with double top, provided with handy drawers. Originally conceived for storing rolled architectural and planning documents, its spacious compartments make this a useful and original work surface, now as in the past. Worktop is available in two different sizes, and consists of twin panels surfaces veneered in beech or oak and edged with solid wood. The same materials are used for the drawers, but there is also a small storage compartment made of satin aluminum. The two tops are supported on a satin chrome plated steel frame.

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