Renewing nuances: Crassevig’s Spring-Summer 2023 Palette

An array of finishes that harmonises renewal, grit and circular materials. Explore the Spring-Summer seasonal trends imagined by Visual Designers Deborah Piana and Marta Basalto.


For this season unveiled at Salone 2023, Crassevig’s designs are dressed in finishes that are both delicate and well-defined.

Visual designers Deborah Piana and Marta Basalto have selected a Spring-Summer 2023 colour palette, which finds expression in four main shades.

To populate the colour palette, we start with a warm and timeless shade, the colour Caramel. Intense and refined, this is not the usual beige, but represents a more decisive and intense shade, embracing and neutral. Caramel opens up a thousand possibilities and combinations with lighter shades, such as cream, biscuit and greige hues, the latter being a mix of beige and grey with a contemporary and hybrid character.


The palette then takes in the colours of the Earth, in the inextricable bond between space and life, emphatically lighting up the domestic scene and infusing notes of peace and serenity. Similar shades take us on an emotional journey that resembles travelling through the dunes of the desert and driving us on the road, through the spectacular scenery of the Grand Canyon.


The colour itinerary leads us towards a style that smells of spring and pastel colours. These are a reminder of the trends that burst out in the 1950s, a decade of economic growth and renewal after the dark period of the wars, amid new values and a desire to start again: all values that are present in this moment in history. 

So let’s put aside for a moment pink and light blue, albeit charming, and instead rediscover a delicate, romantic and chic colour, namely Lilac. This colour is a hyper-aesthetic celebration of the senses that brings us through the European spring, evoking the fragrant, fresh and relaxing notes of the sweetest and lightest season.


All lilac hues tell us of the reawakening of the soul after winter hibernation, and not only that: this is the colour of seduction, just remember how in classical mythology the god Hephaestus crowned himself with lilacs to seduce Aphrodite.

Spring is also made of tender grass and buds, completing our palette with Green, a symbol of balance and growth, of abundance and the constant flow of everything coming in. We choose subdued shades that harmonise with our elements and stimulate rational thinking. 


This is the time to surround ourselves with colours of rebirth and pleasure, shades that can push us to persevere in our goals, and help us affend the most beautiful time of the year with serenity and grit.

The palette finds its perfect application among the Crassevig products and collections, for a spring and a Salone that pleases the eye as much as the touch, thanks to circular and refined materials.