Bias 70


Geckeler Michels

Plywood frame Wooden top

  • Technical Details

    Struttura in multistrati curvati
    Piano in legno
    Impiallacciatura in tranciati di rovere
    Piedini standard in feltro



From the encounter between an inclined cylinder and a slender circle comes the Bias wooden coffee table, a perfect union of dynamism, stability and refined craftsmanship. The base, with a diameter of 30 or 50 cm, is made of curved oak plywood, with no visible joints for an impeccable aesthetic result and with an open-pore finish. The small empty space created between the top and the base, as well as suggesting a dynamic feel, acts as a grip to help move the coffee table, designed to sit alongside armchairs or sofas.


Geckeler Michels

David Geckeler e Frank Michels fondano il loro studio di design con sede a Berlino nel 2013. Le loro aree di lavoro comprendono mobili, illuminazione, prodotti e progetti di interior. Il loro approccio funzio- nalista nel design è solitamente [...]


Lawyers Studio

Lounge shades and enveloping forms: Professionalism is expressed through design at this Lawyers Studio, in Madrid. The Axel family ts in such a corporate context in an exquisite way, with a neutral colour palette selection. Sometimes, the right shape [...] read more

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