Axel 100L/4X


Enrico Franzolini

Seat in solid wood and backrest in molded plywood Cross base swivel in die cast aluminum, powdercoated or polished

  • Technical Details

    Base girevole in pressofusione di alluminio a croce
    Finitura laccata o lucida
    Sedile in legno massello con cinghie elastiche
    Schienale in multistrati curvati da 11mm
    Imbottitura in tessuto, fintapelle o pelle. FU Sedile e schienale imbottiti
    Poliuretano espanso alta resilienza, ignifugo classe 1IM
    Piedini standard in plastica FIPL



Design – Enrico Franzolini 2001

A project that has evolved over time, incorporating different types of seating for every need. The Axel family consists of a chair, small armchair and lounge chair in two heights, with a comfortable sofa and a stool with two backrest heights. The wide choice of bases includes a selection of the best Crassevig materials, including wooden legs, metal slides, spokes and wheels. The curved plywood shell meets a seat with elastic straps and differentiated density foam padding.


Enrico Franzolini

Architetto, compie gli studi universitari a Firenze e Venezia dove si laurea nel 1979. La passione e le ricerche artistiche giovanili si concretizzano in numerose partecipazioni ad esposizioni personali e collettive, a partire da una presenza alla [...]


Lawyers Studio

Lounge shades and enveloping forms: Professionalism is expressed through design at this Lawyers Studio, in Madrid. The Axel family ts in such a corporate context in an exquisite way, with a neutral colour palette selection. Sometimes, the right shape [...] read more

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