Kira RS


Mario Ferrarini

Solid wood frame Seat and back in molded plywood, ergonomical An upholstered panel is available for the seat

  • Technical Details

    Struttura in legno massello
    Sedile e schienale in multistrati
    Impiallacciatura in tranciati di legno
    Imbottitura in tessuto, fintapelle o pelle. SU Sedile imbottito
    Poliuretano espanso alta resilienza, ignifugo classe 1IM
    Piedini standard in plastica NAPL, in feltro NAFE su richiesta
    Impilabile / 4 pz
    Articolo certificato FSC 100%
    EN 16139:2013+AC:2013 Resistenza, durabilità e sicurezza



Kira was inspired by the classic outline of school chairs to create seating of high quality and beauty, space-saving and perfectly stackable. It is made up of two lateral trestles joined to a structural frame, onto which the back and legs are attached. Available in oak and beech, and in various finishes, it can also be supplied with a padded seat


Mario Ferrarini

Si laurea in Industrial Design presso il politecnico di Milano. Dopo anni di consulenze con autorevoli studi internazionali di design e architettura per lo sviluppo prodotti, per gli allestimenti fieristici e l’interior design, fonda a Como il suo [...]



A welcoming interior, with design choices ready to rede ne a place’s atmosphere. Lene and Kira join at PC Uitvaart Monuta, for an embracing experience. Light on interior design, looking forward with awareness. [...] read more


Private House

Balanced and diffused atmospheres, in the domestic warmth of everyday life. Kira and Aura encounter the spaces of a Private Home in the heart of Far East, China: a project that creates a parallel between the warm tones of wood and a black elegance, [...] read more

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