Sustainable design,
starting from materials

Ours embraces different materials. We like to catch their essence and experiment unconventional combinations. At the base of our technical and stylistic research there is a sense for material, a taste for innovation and attention to the sustainable quality of the projects we imagine.


A fact of tradition

Wood is our history, it belongs to the artisan tradition of Friuli and tells the Scandinavian inspirations of Crassevig design. For us, it is a precious material. 78% of the wood used in the production processes comes from certified forests. And non-reusable waste becomes biomass to provide heat and energy to our factories.


Responsible and green comfort

Our idea of comfort is inspired by people’s pleasure and health. The upholstering of our products originates from sustainable processes and safe, non-toxic materials. The upholstered furniture is mainly made of polyurethane guaranteed by the CertiPUR™ brand and completed with textile finishes with EU Ecolabel and Standard 100 quality and sustainability certification by OEKO-TEX®.


Recyclable and eco-friendly

Thermoplastic has a thousand lives for us. We interpret it as a lasting, recyclable and eco-friendly material for the possibility of rebuilding or replacing damaged elements, extending life of objects. The use and disposal of our thermoplastics have a light impact: many items are made from recycled material and 99% is further recyclable.


Resistant, natural

We love the essentiality and versatility of metals. Our seats often rest on metal frames. Particularly aluminum is perfect for giving shape to our creativity. Besides being light, ductile and resistant over time, aluminum is a recyclable and 100% reusable material, and this has great value for us.