Colour is the new trend: our new Palettes

The Crassevig collections are bathed in colour this year, with a selection of hues full of expressive potential.
The Adena chair puts style and design in the spotlight using wood’s vivid qualities, defining them with fashionable yet graceful tones.
The saturated colour palette for 2019 is inspired by Crassevig’s passion and research. It espouses the latest trends in the field, going from the chic charms of dark blue (which adds a refined, elegant touch to the seat) and shades of dark green (amid increasingly enchanting displays of greenery) to woodland green and dark emerald. Then there are timeless shades of highly alluring dark pink.
As well as ensuring that Crassevig keeps up with the times, the new colour palette gives the products a revitalized style. They are ready to add a tasteful finishing touch to homes and effortlessly breathe new life into all kinds of spaces used for dining and hospitality.