Inoko table, reaching new heights

New sizes for our design table

Round, smart, versatile shapes.
The Inoko tables family expands, both in width, with the extra-large 140 or 160 cm versions, and in height, in the Meet configuration up to 110 cm, which can be combined with any stool for elegant and dynamic conversations.

Curve-bending versatility. The wooden core of the Inoko table structure is, from its outset, flexible in terms of dimensions and tabletop materials. The creative step towards the new variants in different heights is thus a spontaneous evolution of this design.

The original model, which is 74 cm high, now has two new alternative options. Firstly, we envisioned a taller 110cm Inoko, suited for sharing moments and professional meetings. On the other hand, we created a 45cm low table, perfect for the living room or to complement lounge environments.

A wooden core with unconventional, bespoke interpretations.
How would you define your own Inoko table? Shape its design and finishings through Crassevig’s 3D configuration.

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