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Rethink, remake, reform: finding the balance between tradition and sustainability

Facing the Spree River, in the heart of Berlin’s punk and alternative Friedrichshain district, stands Formo, a biotech startup that reimagines the dairy food system by replacing animal protein with microorganisms.  

The company’s independent and vibrant approach reflects in the makeover of the headquarters, defined by Architect Susanne Philippson. 

This project is the perfect fit for the Pola Round and Mixis chairs, two designs that are the quintessential embodiment of sustainability according to Crassevig, joined by the simple, handcrafted lines of the Oxton table.

Among offices, labs and shared areas, here we delve into a fresh and innovative dimension. In this wide, visionary space, the soft embrace of Pola Round, the natural wood core of Mixis and the minimal artisanal spirit of Oxton enhance a core value for Formo, that is, the harmony between tradition and the desire to care for the Planet.

A space with a spontaneously curious approach, expressing the vision of a futuristic company.


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