Finna chair – Lighter ergonomics

As thin as a sheet, with the elegance of an essential comfort.


Finna chair embodies Crassevig’s always renewed vision of seating design. This design is structurally daring and conceptually caring at the same time, with its light profile, minimal Nordic inspiration and circular materials.

The ultimate challenge of the designers, Barcelona-based studio Ramos & Bassols, was to obtain the comfort of an armchair by working with an extremely thin surface of recycled plastic, like a sheet of paper.

The fold-free, eco-friendly shell has a gently curving perimeter without angles, ensuring innate ergonomics and a feeling of lightness.

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Ramos & Bassols

Ramos Bassols are David Ramos and Jordi Bassols, both industrial designers. The studio started in 2004, after several years of experience in different fields such as urban furniture, tableware, lighting and office furniture. Based in Barcelona, Ramos [...]