Finna, Celebrating Sustainability

Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 Winner


Celebrating the world’s design eccellence through sustainability.
Finna chair, by Ramos&Bassols, is the Winner of the 2023 Sustainable Award at Archiproduct Design Awards, a prize that highlights synergy and creativity between designers and brands.


Finna, the elegance and mastery of a sustainable world excellence

ADA Sustainability Award 2023


The ADAs bring together the top names in design to showcase the state-of-the-art of the international creative scene.

This year’s brand new Sustainability Award is dedicated to products that respect circular economy principles, minimising environmental impact and using sustainable materials.

As thin as a sheet, elegant and comfortable


The uniqueness of Finna chair is clear at first glance, thanks to its light profile and minimal Nordic inspiration. The fold-free shell has a gently curving perimeter, without any angles, ensuring innate ergonomics and a feeling of lightness.

Sustainable quality


With Finna chair, the Designers aimed at obtaining the comfort of an armchair through an extremely thin surface of recycled plastic. Crassevig’s industrial craftsmanship, quality and corporate awareness set the right context for such a design partnership.