Finna – Bending lightness and circularity

As thin as a sheet, with the elegance of an essential comfort.

The uniqueness of Finna chair is clear at first glance, thanks to its light profile and minimal Nordic inspiration. The designers’ ultimate challenge was to obtain the comfort of an armchair by working with an extremely thin surface of recycled plastic, designing as with a sheet of paper.

The fold-free shell has a gently curving perimeter, without any angles, ensuring innate ergonomics and a feeling of lightness.


Finna, the elegance of an essential and balanced comfort


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The material used to make Finna’s shell is 100% fully recycled thermoplastic polymer, with the addition of mineral filler to preserve the highest aesthetic quality and structural properties.
That, however, isn’t the only feature that makes its design an example of circularity; indeed, Finna combines recycled thermoplastics with natural wood.

Wood is one of the world’s most versatile resources – durable, recyclable, beautiful, and with a lower carbon footprint than other materials. The kind used for Finna’s frames is FSC 100%, acertification aimed at ensuring healthy and resilient forests for generations to come.


The Designers


Based in Barcelona, Ramos&Bassols Studio offera a personal view on contemporary design, always searching for the balance between form, function and aesthetics.


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