Ersel Bank HQ – A careful requalification

Art Nouveau meets contemporary functionality and design.

The generous architecture of the Palazzo housing Ersel Bank headquarters, a 1930s building on Via Caradosso in Milan, is revisited by Alfonso Femia’s Atelier, a project that harmonizes space development and functional enhancement.
Among staircases, Art Nouveau details, halls and meeting rooms, the Mimico table and chairs such as Pola Round, Pola Lounge and Mixis air find their ideal setting.


Explore Crassevig’s design through time and space!

A sign of Crassevig’s vocation hovering between different eras.
Mimico table by ITCH Studio exudes here a multifaceted identity, together with Pola Round, Pola Lounge and Mixis Air, balancing one another.

Combining metal, wood and glass, the table’s structure matches the interior style of Ersel Bank nicely. The seats, with their innate versatility, manage to bring a timelessly modern touch to the environment.