Environment and Sustainability

At Crassevig, it is essential to pursue sustainable goals, both in terms of production and environment. With this in mind, the company designs and generates interior design solutions that respect people and nature. We work according to the criteria of ISO 9001:2008, certifying the quality of the company organization and ISO 14001:2004 certifying the environmental management system. Wood is an important resource to be preserved and used with proper responsibility: the FSC® certification guarantees that the materials used for our products come from forests managed in a correct and sustainable manner. A scale of values, priorities and future commitments, to make Crassevig chairs and products generative items, an asset for anyone embracing our vision.

Why Balance?

A Sustainable journey, tackling environmental challenges through insightful daily practices.
Balance represents the break-even point between product design and material circularity, between local impact and global issues. A composite path, leading towards a responsible future.

What kind of effort is our company making to preserve future generations?

The balance between ethics, innovation and crafting, leads straight towards sustainable development, a matter of both collective and individual responsibility. Crassevig builds up its corporate values right from its italian roots, connecting with the people working behind each product and reaching out to the whole supply chain. From raw materials to circular production, we believe that sustainability must be outlined by design, involving all of the company’s touchpoints.

Meeting environment-friendly goals is a global challenge: let’s address this together, with goodful interior solutions.

#StayBalanced and discover Crassevig’s Sustainability Report 2020