Crassevig Outdoors and Springtime collections

Breathe in the new Season

Stand through the changing seasons withOutdoors connections..

Into the open air, free to take a deep breath and feel the elements.
As we get used to an unconventional Spring season, Crassevig brings its solutions outside. Among some of the most known water-resistant design elements, an addition to the Pola family surfaces, looking towards open spaces.
Pola Outdoors joins the group of Crassevig outdoors design: the ideal response to those who wish for an afternoon in the garden, a moment to inhale and capture the essence of a green rural garden, or the urban unexpected quiet of a balcony.

Pola Outdoor makes for a durable, water-resistant chair, merging together several new features among Crassevig collections.
Waterproof fabrics, mahogany legs and a smart combination of materials suitable for external use make it possible for this Chair to face any weather condition, from the humid warmth of summer to the ice cold rain of late autumn, becoming one with the surrounding natural inspirations.
Together with Pola, different Crassevig design elements are ready to inhabit outdoors spaces. Maki Bench, Mixis Air and Nett, in particular, reveal interesting and colorful possibilities. Express your Spring through open-air connections, feeling a refreshing design season.

#TakeAction and Breathe with all the Outdoor design possibilities

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