ISO 9001 / 14001

These two important
certifications were obtained
for the first time by the
company Crassevig in 2007.
The first is the standard that
provides a set of standardized
requirements for a quality
management system aimed to
enhance customer satisfaction
through the effective
application of the system
itself, including processes for
continual improvement and
the assurance of conformity
to customer and applicable
statutory and regulatory
requirements. The latter
specifies requirements
for an environmental
management system.

Download Crassevig ISO9001 Certification

Download Crassevig ISO14001 Certification


We design and
manufacture our wooden
products respecting life
and environment and
responsibly preserving wood
as an important resource.
To achieve this objective,
we have obtained the FSC
Certification to guarantee
that the wood used for
our products comes from
responsibly managed forests.
A value for the companies
that produce, for those who
buy and those who use our

Download Crassevig FSC 2017 Certification


We collaborate since
many years with CATAS,
the most important Italian
research institute and test
laboratory in the wood and
furniture field. We perform
strict testing on our products
in accordance with European
and international standards,
to ensure durability even in
the heaviest contract use.
200.000 cycles is the number
of times that our chairs are
put through these strict
testing, with a minimum
weight on the seat of 100kgs.