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Patrick Norguet



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“4L Four legs, in aluminium tubes 25mm, thickness 2mm.
Frame in aluminium tubes 25mm.
Backrest in aluminium rods 11mm.
LQ Powdercoated with polyester lacquer 5 gloss.
Surface in wood, flat sliced veneers.
Upholstery available in fabric, faux leather or leather.
SU seat upholstered.
High-density, flame- retardant BS 5852, PU Polyurethane foam.
Standard plastic gliders, suitable for hard floor or carpet and contract use.
Manufactured in Italy.”


  • V01

  • V02

  • V01

  • V02

  • 71

  • 72

  • 74

  • 75

  • 79

  • 7G

  • 7K

  • WHI

  • GYD

  • GYL

  • DES

  • RBR

  • AZU

  • YSN

  • GFO

  • RE 113

  • RE 123

  • RE 143

  • RE 173

  • RE 252

  • RE 422

  • RE 643

  • RE 823

  • L1 118

  • L1 818

  • L1 860

Patrick Norguet

French designer, is involved in industrial and interior design, belongs to that generation which is making known the “french touch” on the international stage; he loves to work on emotions and intuition, finding alternative slants on everyday objects and their specific settings.

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Stem family

Design — Patrick Norguet 2010 26 aluminum rods, each with a different curve and angle, converge towards the only horizontal element to form the backrest, which is also curved. A comfortable, incredibly lightweight chair, Stem offers a perfect example of Crassevig’s traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation. The seat is available in upholstered or wood versions. Stem models supported on a crossed, flat or swivel base complete the available range.

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