A refined Summer weave

Emma collection 2021


A rhythm that intertwines with the hours of the day, right before the Summer Break.
Crassevig awakens the Emma family collection, a new seating design with a composite and resilient character that well addresses the challenges of outdoor environments.

Emma chairs and armchairs are handcrafted by designer Sven Dogs, with a refined weave that is visually pleasing and ergonomically shaped.

A refined weave gives life to the EMMA family of chairs and armchairs, creating a visually pleasing and ergonomic form. Emma seats are just right for architects and designers who are looking for a light and welcoming collection: the woven rope gives prominence to the essential and elegant line, guaranteeing unique comfort on the backrest and seat, yet with all the resistance of the coated steel at its base.

A welcoming and essential comfort, ready for this #TimeOutdoors.

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