A journey through shapes

Walking across the metamorphosis of our solutions

Crassevig’s journey through the realms of daily experiences takes some unconventional turns, while arcades, lines and circles shed light on a new sense of seating. After five decades of tradition and territorial craftsmanship, in such a complex moment in history, Crassevig wants to transform and challenge the
way we interpret nowadays design.

A path wandering through synthesis, colour, lines and unique solutions: let’s visualise this together, waiting for the postponed Salone 2020, next June.

In the beginning, there were forms

Lifestyles and perspectives.
How does any shape adapt to contemporary needs and expectations?
Essentialism is the doorway to a wider interpretation of everyday living choices.

Rethinking visions

Timeless, flexible concepts: let the gaze get lost beyond the corners of reality.
Design constantly shifts, creating tangible and yet imaginative spaces.
The meeting point between style, ethics and innovation.

A composition of the senses, a secret and sustainable wonderland where everyone can cultivate their own
projects and feel at home, seatjng in comfort and fantasy.
Crassevig becomes a matter of personal direction, an intersection between different backgrounds, textiles,
gamechanging materials and new, collective goals.

 This is the story we choose for our own: What will yours be?

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