10 Years of Mixis



Crafting a decade of design excellence.


Join Crassevig in celebrating Mixis Chair’s 10th anniversary, a wooden masterpiece born from the collaboration with renowned designer Mario Ferrarini.

Aesthetics, functionality and 100% FSC certified wood


Mixis Chair seamlessly merges solid wood and plywood, in a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. This concept, made of sustainable materials and flowing lines, has evolved into a whole product family over the years, including everything from stools and tables to a completely redefined version with Mixis Air.

The ten-year design by Mario Ferrarini is, however, much more than a collection: it embodies Crassevig’s approach towards the environment.

This stacking chair blends eco-friendliness with multi-materiality, exemplifying the perfect synergy between aesthetics, comfort, and ethics. Mixis reflects this commitment by utilising wood sourced exclusively from FSC Certified forests.

Crafting a decade of design excellence around the world


10 years of seamless beauty and fine design have gone a long way, contributing to bespoke projects and spaces all around the world through a timeless chair.

Mixis chair got down to business through networking spaces, bank and financial headquarters, inhabiting public and corporate rooms.

Renovation projects that include Mixis are especially harmonious, balancing the traditional feeling of wood with contemporary values and architectures. A decade of working, communal and private contexts are embodied in this circular concept, expressing high standards and a flowing feeling in everyday spaces.

A chair of sinuous stackability


“I have imagined a wooden chair ideally designed by a ribbon. I had in mind a fluid ensemble and wrap-around shapes. I thought of a seamless joining technique of solid wood and plywood” (Mario Ferrarini, Designer)


The sinuous lines and thoughtful comfort of Mixis stacking chair define its elegance, making it an ideal choice for homes and communal spaces.


Experience the beauty of 10 years of Mixis, blending design, comfort, and sustainability!